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High quality 3D printer in Egypt !

Trim Academy

Trim Academy is one of the leading companies in 3d printer service in Egypt that was Established in 2019.

Our company provides High Quality Industrial 3D printers which are fully manufactured in Egypt with high-quality components, we also have different types of 3d printers up to 1 meter cubic 3D printers. 

our company has sold 45 machines since 2020.

Our trusted clients are (Fresh Electric -Glass home- Lotfy group- shady French University in Egypt-Siraj-Asfour Crystal-ideal standard). 

Also, Trim academy took part in the Mactech Exhibition for 2 years in a row , Mactech 2020 and Mactech 2021.

our services

selling 3d printer machines

When buying a 3d printer from our collection of 3D printer machines that are high quality and durable for a long time.

Besides that we use high-quality components and closed loop motors so, there is no layer shifting in printing, In addition, we give you full training on each machine, Therefore you could work easily without any problem. 

Also, we support you with all technical support. we have 3D printers from DIY collection to Industrial 3D printers up to 1 meter cubic of printing volume.

service of 3d printer

Trim Academy offers 3D Printing Services and prototyping services using the latest equipment with high-quality Large-scale Scale Industrial 3d Printers up to 1 meter. so you can print any model without cutting you will be able to print your model in one part because we have large volume 3D printers and a wide range of materials to suite every need in the market.

3d printer courses

Although we provide you with a group of courses that can help you in several engineering tracks. However in our courses you will able to work practically and apply everything on real life so you can understand most things for example 3D printer fabrication course, and then you will assemble 3D printer from scratch.

maintenance in 3d printer

Our company have a team of Engineers with good experience in the maintenance of All types of FDM 3d printers .we can send you an engineer to support you because we know that is is not easy to move with your 3d printer in egypt. so you can get us your machine to make the required maintenance in your place In addition, we support you with all 3D printer spare parts.

because we are caring about you

3d cad modeling

Our design team is more than capable of converting your ideas into 3D models using the latest measuring tools and powerful software. so you can get your idea in the CAD model. After that, we can print it for you with high-quality 3d printers.

Selling 3D printer Filament


We also provide a large different collection of materials that is used in 3D printing technology with different global brands.

We supply PLA, ABS, ASA,TPU, PETG, PETG-ESDPP, PET-GF and nija felex . 

As each material have a variable parameters  

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a powerful way which is used to create digital designs from a physical part.

Using the reverse engineering software.

Also, we prepare a model for further use and reproduction (CAD model).

our client

Large Scale Industrial 3D printer

high quality 3d printing service

Durable 3D printer