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high stiffness frame and very rigit




In recent years, Egypt has witnessed a technological transformation, and one industry that has significantly contributed to this change is 3D printing. Among the innovations that stand out is the introduction of the 40×40 steel frame 3D printer, a game-changer in the world of additive manufacturing. In this blog post, we explore how this robust steel frame is revolutionizing 3D printing services in Egypt.

  1. Unparalleled Stability and Durability:

    The 40×40 steel frame is the backbone of these advanced 3D printers, providing unparalleled stability and durability. Unlike traditional 3D printers with plastic or aluminum frames, the steel frame ensures rigidity, minimizing vibrations during the printing process. This results in higher print accuracy and improved overall performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals and businesses in Egypt.

  2. Precision and Consistency:

    The rigid structure of the 40×40 steel frame plays a crucial role in maintaining precision and consistency in 3D printing. The printer’s stability prevents wobbling and ensures that each layer is deposited with utmost accuracy. This is particularly beneficial for intricate designs and detailed prototypes, catering to the diverse needs of industries ranging from healthcare to automotive in Egypt.

  3. Versatility in Material Compatibility:

    The robust steel frame allows for a wider range of material compatibility. Whether it’s PLA, ABS, PETG, or even specialized filaments, the 40×40 steel frame 3D printer can handle various materials with ease. This versatility opens up new possibilities for industries in Egypt, enabling them to explore different materials for diverse applications, from prototyping to end-use products.

  4. Enhanced Structural Integrity of Prints:

    When it comes to printing larger objects or functional prototypes, the 40×40 steel frame excels in providing enhanced structural integrity. The stability offered by the steel frame ensures that prints are not compromised by structural weaknesses, making it a valuable asset for industries requiring robust and reliable 3D printing solutions.

  5. Local 3D Printing Services Embrace the Technology:

    Local 3D printing services in Egypt are quick to adopt the 40×40 steel frame technology. This adoption allows them to offer high-quality, precise, and durable 3D-printed products to clients across various sectors. Whether it’s architectural models, custom industrial components, or medical prototypes, steel-framed 3D printers are becoming the go-to choice for many businesses seeking cutting-edge additive manufacturing services.

  6. The Future of 3D Printing in Egypt:

    As the 40×40 steel frame 3D printing technology becomes more widespread in Egypt, it is likely to reshape the landscape of additive manufacturing in the country. The versatility, precision, and durability offered by these printers make them an essential tool for innovation and production. Local industries and entrepreneurs are poised to benefit from this transformative technology, driving economic growth and technological advancement in Egypt.


The introduction of 3D printers with a 40×40 steel frame marks a significant milestone in the evolution of additive manufacturing in Egypt. The enhanced stability, precision, and versatility offered by these printers have positioned them as a cornerstone for local businesses and industries. As the adoption of this technology continues to grow, we can expect to see a surge in innovative products and solutions emerging from the vibrant 3D printing community in Egypt.

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Upgrade your 3D printer with a robust frame. Feel free to contact us if you need help upgrading your printer. We are happy to provide you with personal support!

Improvements over the standard Prusa i3

The frame version is based on V2.5 with a lot of improvements.
Frame compatible with 8mm lead screws.
Stronger frame due to the use of structural steel.
Solves the frame flexing thanks to its reinforcement squares.
Simplifies the construction, eliminating the complex subframe of threaded rods in the Y-axis.
Once assembled, everything is in place. No adjustments are needed.
Less printed parts.
The steel mounts for motors and rods are much stronger than their plastic counterparts.
Only two threaded rods needed are the ones for the Z-axis (5mm or 8mm)
Uses shorter smooth rods lowering the build costs.
A solid structural unit that can be transported as a block.
The interference between the Y stepper and the M3 nyloc nut holding the Y stepper support has been solved by stretching the support by 2mm.
Filament spool holder made in steel S235JR
Holes to mount the power supply on the side of the frame.
Holes to mount the Arduino or SAV on the side of the frame.
The new bolt fixes the Z-axis smooth rods.
Compatible rods: prusa steel rods
Our frame uses metal parts so is more robust than extrusion metal frames like AM8 for anet A8