Bltouch auto bed leveling sensor

600,00 EGP

High quality auto bed leveling sensor




Auto Bed Leveling Sensor with Auto Leveling Feature 3D Touch for 3D Printer
The auto leveling sensor is a device that uses the Hall effect to achieve leveling.
Intelligent leveling, intelligent compensation z- height, making machine leveling
printing easier.
Accurate measurement, small error and high leveling accuracy.
Printing can also be achieved even though the platform is not flat.
Shell Material: PC
Voltage: 5V
Current: 15mA
Max. Current(Peak): 300mA
Cable Length: Short:200mm Long: 1000mm
Wire: 3pin: Green: -,GND; Red: +5V; Orange: Signal Cable
2pin: Black: -,GND; White: Zmin
Package Size: 15.0 * 9.9 * 1.7cm
Package Weight: 23g