12Volt 30A power supply

350,00 EGP

Power supply SMPS  (12V,30A)




Power supply SMPS  (12V,30A)

Welcome to Trim Academy, where innovation meets power! Introducing our flagship product – the 12Volt 30A Power Supply. Unleash the force of 360 watts with this robust and reliable power solution designed to fuel your projects and elevate your electrical mastery.

Key Features:

  1. High Power Output: Delivering a formidable 12 volts and 30a mps, this power supply is engineered to meet the demands of your most ambitious projects. Amplify your creations with a constant and robust power source.
  2. Precision Control: Fine-tune your power requirements with adjustable voltage and current settings. The intuitive control knobs empower you to customize the output to match the unique needs of your devices or experiments.
  3. Built for Durability: Crafted with durability in mind, our 12V 30A Power Supply is constructed to withstand the rigors of continuous use. Its robust build ensures a dependable performance, project after project.
  4. Compact and Efficient: The sleek design of this power supply doesn’t compromise on efficiency. Compact in size, it seamlessly integrates into your workspace, making it an essential tool for both enthusiasts and professionals at Trim Academy.
  5. LED Indicators: Stay informed about the operational status with built-in LED indicators. The Power Indicator signals when the unit is active, while the Overload Indicator warns if the current exceeds the set limit.


  • Advanced Electronics: Power intricate circuits and advanced electronic projects with confidence.
  • Industrial Prototyping: Ideal for prototyping and testing in industrial settings, providing a stable and controlled power source.
  • High-Intensity Lighting: Illuminate your space with high-powered LED installations or power-hungry lighting setups.

Unleash Your Potential with Trim Academy: At Trim Academy, we understand the importance of a reliable power supply in the world of innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, our 12Volt 30A Power Supply is your gateway to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in your electrical endeavors.

Join the league of empowered creators at Trim Academy. Elevate your projects, amplify your skills – order your 12Volt 30A Power Supply today and let the sparks fly!”


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