Large scale Industrial 3D Printer in Egypt Trim Extreme long

Industrial 3D printer Trim Extreme 800 was manufactured at 2021, It is able to 3D print large size objects with high performance material for industrial application directly. materials, PC,PLA,ABS,PETG, Carbon fiber mixing, Nylon, PA, are enhanced options. If you are looking for a very professional industrial 3d printing service with large-scale, Industrial 3D printer Trim Extreme 600 will be your best choice.

Trim Extreme 60 works perfectly in automotive industry ,metal casting ,rapid prototyping without any cutting in parts because it has an large volume of printing as well as art design, products design, cultural relics reproduction or concept modelling. It brings the large-scale additive manufacturing on more affordable level in prototyping or designing.



Advanced Technologies 3D Printer in Egypt 

In the heart of industrial 3d printer in Egypt burgeoning technological landscape, the integration of cutting-edge industrial technologies is reshaping traditional Manufacturing 3D Printing in Egypt. One such revolutionary advancement that has captured the attention of industries across the nation is the advent of Industrial 3D Printing. This transformative technology is not merely a global phenomenon but has found a distinctive resonance within the Egyptian industrial fabric. As the demand for innovation and efficiency grows, businesses in Egypt are increasingly turning to Industrial 3D Printing as a catalyst for redefining production processes and unlocking new frontiers in design and manufacturing. In this article, we delve into the landscape of Industrial 3D Printing in Egypt, exploring its applications, impact, and the strides being made to propel the nation into a new era of industrial prowess.








Bulid Volume 300*300*600mm

Bulid Volume 300*300*600mm

Trim Extreme long it has a large printing volume that allows you to print large printed parts without any cutting and print it into one peace



Closed-loop Servo motors

Closed-loop Servo motors

Trim Extreme Long is manufactured with high-quality stepper motors nema 23that can work 12 days without stopping or shifting while printing because of the closed-loop system

Nozzle Temperature Up To 270℃ with volcano nozzle

270℃ global high-temperature nozzles, exclusive launch, can support PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon fiber, Flexible, etc. It provides more possibilities for your application. The volcano system increases the flow ability of the system because the block gives the filament a large amount of heating while printing increasing the flowrate

Direct Extruder is more durable

Direct Extruder is more durable

Direct Head Driving

Easily Replace Printheads.
Realize a variety of material printing.

High Precision
We exclusively research and develop an extruder feeding system that supports high-speed printing, and accuracy can reach as high as 0.05mm, it allows to extruding filament steadily without blocking.

●Precision up to: 0.05 mm
●Speed up to 150 mm/s

Accurate Linear Guide Rail

Accurate Linear Guide Rail

The accurate linear rail structure can print models in accuracy high reach to 4~5 times higher than the other ordinary optical axis printers in the mass market. This structure offers accurate filament feeding, so that can print large models fast and perfectly.

Innovator Of Industrial 3D Printer in Egypt (Auto-Leveling)

Say goodbye to manual leveling, the intelligent leveling system can automatically adjust the uneven hotbed. High-sensitivity sensor, one-touch leveling, and 25-point precise leveling.

Baby Step Intelligent Compensation

A baby step function is added on Trim Extreme 800 During the first layer printing process, the baby step can be used for precise leveling. The control accuracy of 0.01mm makes the first layer stable and reliable and makes the leveling more intelligent.

Power losing Recovery

Power losing Recovery
Built-in UPS, When the machine is powered off, the machine will automatically suspend printing, and return to the home point, when the power is on, the machine will continue to complete the remaining printing work from the point of suspension.

32bit UltraSilent Motherboard32bit UltraSilent Motherboard

Industrial 3D printer in egypt Trim Extreme 600 uses a more powerful 32-bit motherboard independently developed by a trim academy team



3.2inch Colorful Touch Screen

3.2inch Colorful Touch Screen

Front and Rear Door Design

Closed hanging room

Auxiliary feeding


Support printing from SD card or U disk Printing

Support printing from SD card or U disk Printing

Industrial 3D printer Trim Extreme 600 can print from an SD card and USB without any problems




Filament And Applications

We provide high-quality filaments. The filaments for each model are more than 72 hours, and Trim Extreme 600 is integrated with PLA large-roll filaments up to (5kg), and there is no need to protect or replace the filaments in the middle.

  • Max Printing Speed:180m/s
  • Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm
  • Power Requirements: 220 V.AC
  • Construction Powder-coated Steel, hiwin rails for Motion Components
  • Rated Power:1200W
  • Platform: 6mm thickness aluminum hotbed
  • auto-leveling
  • Connectivity: USB, SD card, U disk
  • X Y Position Precision: 0.01mm
  • Z Position Precision: 0.015625mm
  • Save data when power is off
  • Support Software: Cura, Reptier-Host, Simplify3D
  • Filament runout  Detection Pause printing when filament runs out
  • Supported File Types: Stl, Obj, G-code
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Turn off the power automatically when printing is complete
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows(7,8,10), Mac OS X


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