3D printer Fabrication Course

1.500,00 EGP

Trim Academy offers 3D Printing courses to help you start or advance your career skills in 3D Printing. Learn 3D Printing online for free today!



عالم الطباعة ثلاثية الابعاد كبير ومليان معلومات مختلفة وكتيره، لو انت بتحب ال مجال او نفسك تبدأ مشروع الخاص بيك بس معندكش معرفه او خبره كافيه فا احنا عندنا الحل.
دلوقتي Trim Academy هتوفرلك كورس كامل في تصنيع و تشغيل ال 3D printers
هنبدأ معاك من الصفر و هنوصل بيك انك تصنع ماكينة كاملة و تبرمجها و تعرف كل تفصيله فيها
Course Content
– Introduction to 3D printing.
– History of 3D printing.
– Types of 3D printer mechanisms and their pros and cons.
– Introduction to core XY mechanism.
– Introduction to delta mechanism.
– Introduction to separate XY mechanism.
– Full details of prusa mechanism.
– Types of extruders.
– Material selection of frame and mechanical components.
– Manufacturing process of trim educational machine.
– Introduction to 3d printer control boards and firmware.
-Power supply selection.
– Marlin firmware configuration.
– Machine calibration.
– Training on simplify 3D software.
– How to improve prints quality.
3d printer troubleshooting and regular maintenance


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