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Introducing the 3D Printer Trim V2 MAX – Trim Academy Edition: Empowering Creativity, Inspiring Innovation

Unlock the full potential of 3D printing with the revolutionary Trim V2 MAX – Trim Academy Edition. Designed to empower educators, students, and makers alike, this cutting-edge 3D printer is a powerful tool that opens up a world of possibilities for learning and creation.

Key Features:

  1. Educational Empowerment: The Trim V2 MAX – Trim Academy Edition is crafted with a focus on educational excellence. Its intuitive design and user-friendly features make it the perfect companion for classrooms, workshops, and innovation hubs, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Resources: Dive into the world of 3D printing with our exclusive Trim Academy learning resources. From step-by-step tutorials to inspiring project ideas, we provide a wealth of educational content to support both beginners and advanced users on their journey of discovery.
  3. Enhanced Safety Features: Prioritizing safety in educational environments, the Trim V2 MAX is equipped with advanced safety features. From enclosed printing chambers to filament sensors that prevent mishaps, educators can have peace of mind while students explore the limitless potential of 3D printing.
  4. Remote Monitoring and Control: Stay connected to your printer from anywhere with the Trim V2 MAX’s remote monitoring capabilities. Teachers can oversee multiple printers and students can check on their projects, promoting a collaborative and efficient learning experience.
  5. Extended Connectivity Options: Seamlessly integrate the Trim V2 MAX into your existing educational setup with versatile connectivity options. Whether through USB, SD card, or Wi-Fi, this printer adapts to your preferred method of interaction.
  6. Innovative Curriculum Integration: The Trim Academy Edition goes beyond just being a printer; it’s a catalyst for creativity in the classroom. Our curated curriculum seamlessly integrates with STEM and STEAM subjects, providing hands-on experiences that align with educational standards.
  7. Teacher-Friendly Controls: Simplify the printing process with controls tailored for educators. The touchscreen interface is user-friendly, allowing teachers to focus on facilitating learning experiences rather than managing complex printing procedures.
  8. Community Collaboration: Join the Trim Academy community and connect with educators and makers worldwide. Share insights, collaborate on projects, and inspire each other to push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing in education.

Elevate your educational experience with the 3d printer Trim V2 MAX – Trim Academy Edition. Ignite curiosity, foster innovation, and prepare the next generation of creators with this state-of-the-art 3D printer. Welcome to the future of learning and making. Welcome to Trim Academy.

Technical spics
-printing area 50 *50*60 cm
-HIWIN rails for smoothest motion across all axis
-TMC drivers which provide silent operation of stepper motors
– SKR 1.4 32bit
-steel frame for more stability
-Direct extruder for maximum filament compatibility
-Power loss recovery
-Touch screen with GUI that improves user experience
-SD card support
-USB support
-silicone heatbed 1000 watt for fast starting of printing
-auto bed leveling
-high torque nema17 motors


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